“Notably, Catholics tended to report more mental health struggles than Mainline Protestants, particularly regarding anxiety.”

This got me thinking about Catholic guilt some and I’m wondering if the higher rates of mental health struggles are related to Catholic guilt. I wonder if there are other surveys you could look into that compare anxiety/guilt of Catholics relative to other religious groups. I assume this would be a difficult question to frame, though, so not sure what data is out there on it.

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One challenge with these sorts of analyses is that location made a big difference to your pandemic experience, and it also has a big effect on your politics and religiosity. It's also difficult to adjust for; there are evangelicals in New York City, but they're not the same as evangelicals in rural Mississippi.

I recall reading a leftist in mid-2021 talking about the ongoing stresses of living through a pandemic, and my initial reaction at the time was, "Dude, the pandemic was a 2020 event, get over yourself." For me, where I live, there were still a few annoyances in 2021, like still having to wear a mask while walking into the dentist's office, but otherwise life was back to normal, other than the price of eggs.

But then several months later I had to travel to NYC and realized the pandemic was still going on there in full force. I had to be masked up constantly and show my vaccine passport (which I hadn't previously ever been asked for) to go anywhere or do anything. The lingering fear was still palpable, and everyone took all of these precautions very seriously, which I'm sure produced certain stresses.

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